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General Dentistry

General Dentistry Prices

At Dental Art Clinics, we provide high quality private general dentistry treatment at affordable prices in London. Our leading dental experts will be more than happy to discuss your treatment plan options at our dental clinics. Please note that you will receive a £10 discount for your Dental Check-up if you book consultation online!

Our treatment prices, effective from 20th November 2017

Check-up and Examination Price
General Dental check-up and examination £50
(If you book online) £40
Small 2D X-ray (Periapical X-ray) £25
Panoramic X-ray during treatment / to take home £40
CT Scan during treatment / to take home (per jaw) £100


Hygiene Treatment Price
Airflow £50
Dental hygiene (30 mins) £65
Scale & polish + Airflow £85
Deep scale & polish (45 mins) £90
Deep scale & polish + Airflow £110
Philips ZOOM Home Whitening £350
Internal tooth whitening (per tooth) £150


Extractions Price
Mobile extraction £60
Standard extraction £90
Surgical extraction £150
Surgical Complex extraction £250
Impacted Wisdom Tooth extraction £350


Fillings & Dental Conservation Price
Small filling £100
Medium filling £150
Large filling £189
Fibre post and core (prepared and fitted in the clinic) £180
Metal post (made in laboratory, for use with PFM crown) £180
Zirconium post (made in laboratory, for use with zirconium crown) £280


Root Canal Treatment - Endodontics Price
Tooth with one root canal (incisors and canines) £199
Tooth with two root canals (premolars) £290
Tooth with three root canals (molars) £399
Complex root canal (molars occasionally) £450
Abscess draining per session £30
Removal of cyst £575


Restorative Dentistry Price
Porcelain inlay £390
Composite inlay £320
Soft Occlusal nightguard £130
Hard Occlusal nightguard £165
Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown or bridge unit £450
Zirconium crown or bridge unit £550
Temporary crown £80
Consultation for dental crowns & bridges  Free


Dentures Price
Permanent removable acrylic / flexible denture £820
Permanent cobalt chrome removable denture  £1,250
Temporary removable denture £250
Removable acrylic denture relining / adjustment £75
Long term temporary crown (made in a dental lab) £125
Short term temporary crown (made in the surgery) £80
Consultation for dentures Free


Veneers Price
Zirconium Veneer £450


Orthodontic treatment  
New patient consultation with orthodontist Free
Metal braces (both arches) £2,699
Clear braces (both arches) £3,299
New patient consultation with orthodontist Free
Invisalign I7 (single arch) £1,449
Invisalign I7 (both arches) £2,099
Invisalign Lite treatment (single arch) £1,799
Invisalign Lite treatment (both arches) £2,599
Invisalign Full treatment (single arch) £2,499
Invisalign Full treatment (both arches) £3,599
Removing or re-fixing attachments £100
Fixed retainers - 1 arch £199
Fixed retainers - 2 arches  £299
Essix retainers - 1 arch £110
Essix retainers - 2 arches £160


*All Invisalign treatments include vivera retainers.


Full Dental Implant Price
Fixture (£795) + Titanium abutment (£250) + PFM crown (£450) £1,495
Fixture (£795) + Zirconium abutment (£350) + Zirconium crown (£550) £1,695

Book your consultation online and get £10 off your Dental Check-Up at Dental Art Clinics!

"I’m really happy with all the work done so far... would recommend to anyone."... [more]

Chris Snell, November 2016


"I am a really happy customer. All clinic staff were wonderful, whenever I needed any help or information"... [more]

Sigitas, Dental Art London Patient