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Comments & Complaints

Comments & Complaints Policy

At Dental Art Clincs our patient satisfaction is very important to us. We are constantly developing as we believe there is always room for improvement in providing dental service and providing great customer service. Therefore, your feedback is essential. If you would like to leave a suggestion or a comment for us and our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also take customer complaints very seriously. Our goal is to ensure that all of our patients receive a positive experience and are satisfied with our services. In the case of a patient complaining, we will try our best to deal with the situation courteously and promptly, so the matter at hand is resolved quickly. Procedure for such cases are based on these objectives.

Our priority is to handle complaints in a way we ourselves would like a complaint to be handled. We carry out the communication with our customers in a caring and sensitive way. Every mistake is a way for us to learn.

  1. Complaints Managers is responsible for addressing any complaints about our services. These duties are carried out by Victoria Klivetenko, our Practice Manager.
  2. If you wish to leave a complaint by telephone or at the reception desk, we will take note and offer you to refer to our Complaint Manager immediately. In the case of Complaint Manager not being available for a consultation at the time, you will be informed about the available times for a consultation with the Complaint Manager and will arrange a time suitable for you. Our staff members will take brief details of the complaint and will pass them to our Complaint Manager. If we won’t be able to arrange this within a reasonable period or if you don’t wish to wait to discuss the matter at hand, we will arrange someone else of our team to address your complaint.
  3. If you hand the complaint in a written format, the letter or e-mail will be immediately passed on to the Complaints Manager.
  4. If your complaint involves any aspects regarding clinical care or charges it will normally be referred to your dentist, except if you wish not to.
  5. Your complaint will be acknowledged in writing and a copy of code of practice will be enclosed as soon as possible, usually normally within three working days.
  6. We will investigate the complaint within ten working days’ time or receipt to provide an explanation of the circumstance that led to the complaint. If you do not want to meet us, we will attempt to contact you by telephone. If we are unable to investigate you complaint within ten working days’ time, we will notify you providing reasons for the delay and a likely period within which the investigation will be completed.  
  7. We will confirm the decision made about the complaint and will provide it in a written form immediately after completing our investigation.
  8. Any and all complaints received are kept for the purpose of proper and comprehensive record managing.
  9. If you, as a patient, are not satisfied with the result of the procedure provided by us, you may make a complaint to:
  • The Dental Complaints Service, The Lansdowne Building, 2 Lansdowne Road, Croydon, Greater London CR9 2ER (Telephone: 08456 120 540) for complaints about private treatment.


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Chris Snell, November 2016


"I am a really happy customer. All clinic staff were wonderful, whenever I needed any help or information"... [more]

Sigitas, Dental Art London Patient