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Dentures - Free Consultation At Dental Art Clinics!


What Are Dentures?

Dentures (often referred to as false teeth) are a set of false teeth that are used as a replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. A denture can be taken out and easily put back in the mouth, and it looks just like the natural gums and teeth.

What Types Of Dentures Are There?

There are two types of dentures that we offer at Dental Art Clinics - Partial Dentures and Full Dentures. The selection of the suitable type of denture, highly depends on how many teeth a patient is missing.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are the best denture solution for patients who have most of their natural teeth left. The partial dentures are used to replace the missing teeth ensuring the function of a full, natural smile.

What Are Full Dentures?

Full dentures are a type of denture that are used to restore all teeth. These types of dentures are used when the patient has lost all teeth or all of the existing natural teeth must be extracted. Our experts advise that it is better to try and keep as many natural teeth as possible to ensure better stability of the denture.

How Long Does Denture Treatment Last?

Usually, it takes around 8 weeks to be able to place dentures after your gum tissue has healed.

I Don’t Want To Go Into Public Without Teeth. Are There Temporary Dentures Available?

If you do not want to wait, we can offer you Instant Dentures that can be inserted on the same day as your tooth (or teeth) extraction and can be used as temporary dentures until your Full Dentures are ready. These dentures are applied right after the tooth (or teeth) extraction procedure providing protection to the gum tissues and reducing possible gum bleeding around the surgical site. This way you will not need to appear in public without teeth.

What Do I Have To Do After Denture Treatment?

Denture Check-Up

Dentures will require additional adjustments, so our experts will inform you when you must come for additional check-ups.

When the healing process of your gums has been completed, your permanent dentures will be placed. Afterwards, you can keep the spare denture, in case you lose the permanent one and are in a need of a temporary replacement. 

My Dentures Seem A Bit Loose And Unstable. Can You Suggest Anything?

For greater stability please check or consult our experts about Dentures on Implants. Implant supported dentures are securely attached to the jaws with the use of dental implants thus providing more stability to the dentures. To find out more, please visit Dental Art Implant Clinics' website.

Prices For Dentures At Dental Art Clinics

Dentures Price
Permanent removable acrylic / flexible denture £820
Permanent Cobalt chrome removable denture  £1,250
Temporary removable denture £250
Removable acrylic denture relining / adjustment £75
Long term temporary crown (made in a dental lab) £125
Short term temporary crown (made in the surgery) £80
Consultation for dentures Free

We wish to welcome everyone who is seeking denture treatment to book a FREE dentures consultation with our dental experts to find out more about dentures and to select the best suitable denture treatment option.



Book a FREE consultation for Denture Treatment at Dental Art Clinics today!

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